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Free Forex Robots Vault

Robot Download Wizard Instructions

Free Forex Robots

FxSpyder provides the ability to auto-trade the forex market 24 hours per day, hands free, using custom auto-trading scripts. Not a programmer? No problem. FxSpyder includes a growing inventory of auto-trading robots that may be used for an unlimited time, for free. To find out more visit the Free Forex Robots Program.

Download Free Robots Now

Integrated with FxSpyder is a Robot Download Wizard. The downloader will link you to all of the robots listed in the Free Forex Robots Vault on the FxSpyder web site providing simple downloading and installation in one step.

The robot downloader may be accessed via the Tools > Online Robots Catalog menu as shown below:

image of forex robot downloader wizard step 1

Clicking the menu item above will open the Robot Download Wizard as show below: (To obtain a description of the robots before downloading visit the Free Forex Robots Vault)

image of free forex robots wizard step 2

Note - to keep the exact folder structure as displayed in the wizard, check the box next to "Create the same folder structure".

Check the box next to the robot(s) you wish to download, then click the Next button. You will then be presented with an option to install the free robots in the various versions of FxSpyder and the FxBTStation (backtesting program), all at once. Only the versions you currently have installed will appear, therefore, your window may appear slightly different than the one below.

image of free forex robots wizard step 3

Check the versions you wish to install the free forex robots, then click the Next button.

Note - If you would like to install the scripts in a new subfolder click the box next to "Create subfolder for the new scripts", and enter a subfolder name.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

New Robots

Check the Free Forex Robots Vault frequently for new robots.

Robot Forum

Discuss free forex robot tips, recommendations and ideas on the FxSpyder Forum.

See the quick start tutorial - How to run a robot.


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